What Types of Grants We Support

We are dedicated to empowering people by creating relationships that promote impact for good. We support qualifying charitable organizations that demonstrate a strong connection between their missions, programs, and/or projects that are in alignment with the following values:

• Promoting the development and education of youth from early childhood through adulthood
• Education of sciences, technology, entrepreneurship, music, and the arts
• Education against bullying, drug addiction, human trafficking, and the dangers in social media
• Programs and services for those from disadvantage backgrounds, troubled childhoods, physical or mental disabilities
• Programs and services for families dealing specifically with adoption, foster care, grief, and trauma
• Programs serving families and youth through camps, equine, and therapy
• Support the culture of our communities through theatre, museums, libraries, special events, and the arts

Are we eligible for a grant from The Hagerman Foundation?

We award grants to Internal Revenue code Section 501 (c)(3) organizations that reflect The Hagerman Foundation’s mission and values.

• Grants are not awarded to individuals or political activity.
• Grants are not given to purchase tickets or tables at fundraising events.

What is the process for applying for a grant?

Applying for a grant with The Hagerman Foundation has two processes, depending on the size of the grant requested.

For a grant of $10,000 or less:

  • Create an Account in the Online Grants Manager.
  • Complete grant application.
  • You will be notified within 90 days of application submission of grant approval or denial.

For a grant of $10,000 or more:

  • Create an Account in the Online Grants Manager.
  • Submit a Letter of Inquiry.
  • You will be notified with an invitation or declination to complete a Full Grant Proposal online.
  • After receiving invitation for Full Grant Proposal, you will return to the Online Grants Manager and complete Full Grant Proposal.

How long does the application process take?

We have three grant cycles per year and begin January 1st, May 1st, and September 1st. Each cycle lasts approximately four months from the beginning of each cycle. Letters of inquiry should be submitted at least 4 months before your proposed project start date. More deadline information can be found under our Grant Proposal Guidelines.

What are the guidlines for your Letter of Inquiry?

Grant of $10,000 or more require a Letter of Inquiry, using our Online Grant Manager.

You will be asked to provide the following for completion of LOI:

  • Purpose and history of the organization
  • Goals, objectives, and population served by the project for which funding is being sought
  • Current status of the project (i.e. date established and anticipated duration)
  • Organization’s annual budget and detailed project budget with amount requested

Please submit your LOI at least 4 months before your proposed project start date.

Do you make multi-year grants?

 Yes, we do give multi-year grants.

Can we apply in consecutive years?

 Yes, you can apply for grants consecutively.

If we received a grant from The Hagerman Foundation in the past, do I need to submit a letter of inquiry?

 If your organization has received funding from The Hagerman Foundation in the past, we ask that you still complete Letter of Inquiry according to the guidelines.

If our organization is awarded a grant, what are the reporting requirements?

Grants under $10,000 or less:
  • 6 Month Interim Report
  • Final Grant Evaluation

Grants over $10,000:

  • Quarterly Interim Reports
  • Final Grant Evaluation

Does the Foundation make grants to individuals?

 No, we only sponsor 501(c)3 organizations.

Does the Foundation sponsor fundraising events?

 We do not buy tickets, purchase tables or otherwise sponsor fundraising events and we generally do not respond to such requests.

May we reapply if my letter of inquiry (LOI) is declined?

 If your Letter of Inquiry has been declined, you may reapply after a one year waiting period.

How do we create an online account?

Creating an Online Account section provides you with detailed written instructions and a tutorial video that will help you set up your account with us.

When are your application deadlines?

For your convenience we have listed our Cycles and application deadline information below.

Cycle One

January - April

Letters of Inquiry
January 1st

Invitations for full grant proposals
January 15th

Letter of Initial Declinations
January 15th

Full Grant Proposals
February 15th

Grant Award or Letter of Declination
April 15th

Cycle Two

May - Auguts

Letters of Inquiry
May 1st

Invitations for full grant proposals
May 15th

Letter of Initial Declinations
May 15th

Full Grant Proposals
June 15th

Grant Award or Letter of Declination
August 15th

Cycle Three

September - December

Letters of Inquiry
September 1st

Invitations for full grant proposals
September 15th

Letter of Initial Declinations
September 15th

Full Grant Proposals
October 15th

Grant Award or Letter of Declination
December 15th