Our passion is to improve and brighten the lives of future generations.

We are dedicated to empowering people by creating relationships that promote impact for good. We support qualifying charitable organizations that demonstrate a strong connection between their missions, programs, and/or projects and one or more of the following values:


Promoting Education

  • Promoting the development and education of youth from early childhood through adulthood.
  • Education of sciences, technology, entrepreneurship, music, and the arts.
  • Education against bullying, drug addiction, human trafficking, and the dangers in social media.

Programs and Services

  • Programs and services for those from disadvantage backgrounds, troubled childhoods, physical or mental disabilities.
  • Programs and services for families dealing specifically with adoption, foster care, grief, and trauma.
  • Programs serving families and youth through camps, equine, and therapy.
  • Support the culture of our communities through theatre, museums, libraries, special events, and the arts.