Develop(her) Bootcamp

The Hagerman Foundation continues to look for opportunities for growth and development for people of all ages. We were excited to announce the awarded grant that would allow women the opportunity to increase their skills and explore a career in technology.

In a collaborative effort, The Hagerman Foundation, Grand Circus, TEKsystems, and the Michigan Council of Women in Technology will roll out a free Java coding bootcamp known as, DEVELOP(her). This bootcamp is an innovative program designed to increase the number of women in the tech industry and support them as they grow in their roles.   “Women make up a little more than half of the U.S. workforce, but hold only a quarter of the IT jobs,” said Grand Circus co-founder and CEO, Damien Rocchi. “At Grand Circus, we are focused on closing that gap by making it easier for women to gain real-world experience through intensive career-changing bootcamps.”

Focusing in on Detroit and Flint is good for Michigan. As Jocelyn Hagerman, co-founder of The Hagerman Foundation stated, “Flint and Detroit are experiencing rapid growth in the tech sector and encouraging women to be a part of that growth is vital in creating a flourishing, diverse tech industry. This bootcamp is just the first step in a progressive effort for greater inclusion and advancement.”

DEVELOP(her) began taking applications in May of 2016 to allow 20 women to begin their 10-week training and is now underway in both Detroit and Flint.

Develop(her) Boot Camp

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