flint diaper bank

The Diaper Bank was established in 2012 to provide diapers, free of charge, to approximately 4,500 children ages 0 – 3 living under the poverty level in Genesee County.

Diaper need is a silent crisis in the United States. Diapers are a basic need for children, as essential to their health and well-being as food and shelter. Yet nearly 1 in 3 families in America struggle to afford diapers for their children.

“What is happening in our community is that babies that may need 6-10 diapers a day are getting one, two or maybe three – depending on resources available to purchase,” Phil Shaltz, co-founder of the Flint Diaper Bank said. “Women are taking diapers off of their babies and shaking them out or blow drying them (to reuse). That’s a problem.”

“Babies sitting in a soiled diaper for hours can result in a crying child — which can be a precursor to child abuse”, Shaltz said. Reusing soiled diapers can lead to rashes and even diseases.

“The thought of a family having to choose between food, utilities, or diapers for their babies and toddlers breaks my heart,” Jocelyn, CEO, The Hagerman Foundation stated.

The Diaper Bank has teamed up with The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan. Truckloads of diapers are delivered in bulk and distributed to other agencies and food pantries upon request.

Flint Diaper Bank

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