The Girls Court

Genesee County Girls Court, implemented January 2015, is a specialized prevention docket designed to meet the unique and complex needs of adolescent females who are under the jurisdiction of the Genesee County Circuit Court, Family Division.  Honorable David J. Newblatt serves as the presiding judge.

Girls Court provides gender-specific and trauma focused treatment, judicial monitoring, community supervision, and mentoring opportunities.  It’s primary purpose is to prevent the exploitation of children, and address victimization, health, education and overall well-being. This program is an initiative of the Genesee County Circuit Court, Family Division, with the following collaborative partners:  Genesee Health System, YWCA of Greater Flint, University of Michigan – Flint, Genesee County Human Trafficking Task Force, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, and Wedgwood Christian Services.

Upon sitting in on multiple court hearings and witnessing firsthand the care being taken to give each girl an opportunity to thrive through multiple resources provided. “It opened my eyes to this challenge in our community and gave me a new level of respect for not only the Honorable Judge Newblatt, but each person involved in helping these young girls;” said Becky Foerster, Executive Director, The Hagerman Foundation.

“The victimization of young women in our culture has become a social issue that we, as a society, need to address. We are happy to partner with Girls Court, if we can help just one girl from becoming a victim and stop the exploitation of girls in our community our involvement is a success;” said Jocelyn Hagerman, CEO, The Hagerman Foundation

Girls Court

See Mlive, July 17, 2014 By Blake Thorne  for full article.