Weiss Child Advocacy Center

The Hagerman Foundation is proud to work side by side with Weiss Child Advocacy Center. The staff and those who advocate for children’s rights are heroes in our community. Their work brings validation and comfort to those who have suffered child abuse.

The McLaren Foundation was awarded a grant to help purchase a high-resolution Nikon Zoom Optical Head Camera for the Child Evaluation Center (CEC) located at Weiss Child Advocacy Center. This camera will help prosecutors gain the information needed for a conviction.  Weiss Child Advocacy Center Director Claudnyse Jenkins stated, “Having access to state-of-the-art equipment in securing physical evidence of sexual abuse is critical to bringing justice for these children and helping them to begin healing emotionally.” Not only does it help prosecutors, it frees the child from having to testify in many cases. In one such case, the predator took a plea deal once he heard there was evidence against him, which was essential because it meant the child did not have to retell his traumatic story.

“This is more than a camera.  This is a gateway to breaking the cycle of child sexual abuse.” said, Edwin Gullekson, MD, medical director of the CEC.  Providing a safe place to be heard and validated is empowering to our community. The number of cases that are being reported at Weiss has increased, but this is a positive sign that the people in Genesee County are no longer staying quiet and they feel they have a voice.

Weiss Child Advocacy Center

Bringing hope to the children in Genesee County and surrounding areas.