Collaborate with community partners to move Flint forward.

Community Programs

We are motivated to work through our partners on programs that engage and inspire our community.

Stronger Neighborhoods

A special emphasis is placed on the culture of our community through the arts, economic development, job creation, supporting a safe environment.

We’re dedicated to our community. We hope that by supporting initiatives that align with our mission, we inspire others, especially our youth, to strive to become their personal best.

“The Capitol Theatre was once the community’s living room so to speak, where residents gathered for a shared cultural experiences and live entertainment,” said Jarret M. Haynes, Executive Director of the Whiting. The restoration of the Capitol Theatre began in January, 2017. The restored theatre will once again gather residents and visitors to enjoy national acts and provide another platform for local arts groups to display their talents.

“One of my many memories of being a kid was in 1965 when my entire family went to see The Sound of Music at the Capitol Theater,” said Phil Hagerman, CEO of Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy.

“Besides bringing back memories for Flint residents it is also a major revitalization project for the city, that helps to rebuild its position as a destination. Bringing people and businesses into the city is key to the development of Flint.”

  • Kathleen Gazall
    In furthering our mission of beautifying alleyways and public spaces, our next step was to move forward to Brush Alley. Our “Light up Brush Alley” Project received another generous donation from The Hagerman Foundation. The alley lights will create a safer environment and an increased sense of security for visitors, businesses, residents, and students as well as strengthen the core of downtown as we move Flint forward
    Kathleen Gazall
    Director of Friends of the Alley (FOTA)
  • Amy McMillan
    One of the most important parts of the story of how the project was essentially revived by the Flint River Corridor Alliance and the Flint River Watershed Coalition in 2015 was when they were awarded the grant from The Hagerman Foundation to initiate the preliminary engineering and design for the project.
    Amy McMillan
    Director of Genesee County Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Glenn A.Wilson
    The support from The Hagerman Foundation was timely and helpful as we continue to expand our work.  The generosity of Phil and Jocelyn, along with the enthusiasm of the staff makes it a pleasure to work with them to move Flint Forward.  Our goal is to create vibrant, healthy communities and partners like The Hagerman Foundation help us to change the lives of those we serve
    Glenn A.Wilson
    President & CEO, Communities First, Inc.
  • Heidi McAra
    With the generous support of The Hagerman Foundation, the YWCA was able to relocate to a comfortable, beautiful new space and help ensure valuable resources will continue to be available for one of our most vulnerable populations, survivors of domestic and sexual violence.
    Heidi McAra
    CEO, YWCA Greater Flint
  • Jarret Haynes
    This leadership grant for the restoration of the Capitol Theatre by The Hagerman Foundation is critical to moving this important project forward, and illustrates, once again, the tremendous support and commitment the Hagerman’s have shown to our city. We are proud to be recipients of this contribution, and prouder still to be able, through this gift, to plan and provide our community with the highest quality live performing arts experiences in what will be a fantastically renovated, state-of-the-art venue.
    Jarret Haynes
    Executive Director, The Whiting
  • Dr. Dallas Gatlin
    "Without the gift from The Hagerman Foundation, we would not have been able to achieve such an aggressive schedule. Our launch was accelerated by at least one calendar year with the help of this grant.”
    Dr. Dallas Gatlin
    Executive Director