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As evidenced by the recent Flint water crisis, it is more important than ever to educate our families to have their children seen by a doctor. The Hagerman Foundation is privileged to work with community partners and the Hurley Foundation to bring the Video Interaction Project to the residents of Flint and Genesee County.
The Video Interaction Project (VIP) combines pediatric health care with a parenting program component. Parents and children engage in activities, such as reading aloud and play, that stimulate children’s brain development. This helps to prepare them to enter school ready to learn. During every well-child visit from birth to 3 years of age, a VIP facilitator meets one-on-one with each family for 25-30 minutes. Using video playback, the facilitator works with the parent to increase confidence and skills in interacting with their child. This approach utilizes the doctor’s visit – something families are already attending – to empower parents and families.

According to Dr. Lauren O’Connell, developmental-behavioral pediatrician, and local VIP medical champion, “The strength of VIP is that it empowers parents. All parents want to give their children their best.

The VIP will be housed at Hurley Children’s Center – Sumathi Mukkamala Children’s Center at the Flint Farmers’ Market.

“We know that the effects of good parenting, can be generational,” said Jocelyn Hagerman, CEO, The Hagerman Foundation. “The approach to uplift and empower parents matches one of our core values: to provide families with tools, resources, and the knowledge needed to strengthen the family unit. We are very excited to see this program come here to Flint."
  •  Sue Frownfelter
    The number of teens Young Life is impacting in Flint’s inner city has grown consistently with more attending our weekly Club meetings as well as Campaigner bible studies - even in the summer. All teens are hungry for people to believe in them and love them unconditionally, regardless of life circumstances. They all are just teenagers - some have greater burdens. It is an honor to help them carry them in Flint, MI. Thanks to The Hagerman Foundation, we can now reach more teens who otherwise are overlooked or feared due to the impoverished surroundings.
    Sue Frownfelter
    Area Director, Young Life of Genesee County
  • Tauzzari Robinson
    Thanks to our summer program grant from The Hagerman Foundation we were able to re-open our early bird program. A staple of the BGCGF Summer Program, the early bird program was always an option to accommodate those families that need all-day access to high-quality, adult supervised programming. Many of the families we serve are unable to afford childcare during the day. If children are left home alone they are susceptible to many potential risks and dangers.  Thanks to this grant we were able to reinstitute this portion of our summer program.
    Tauzzari Robinson
    CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Flint
  • Chris Hamilton
    When we receive funding from organizations like The Hagerman Foundation, it ensures that we can continue to make a difference in our community, one child at a time.
    Chris Hamilton
    Executive Director, Old Newsboys of Flint, Inc
  •  Shelley Spivack
    As a person working in the judicial system, I often see only the negative and the bad. This program allows me to see the good. It allows me to see that these kids are not lost causes, that they have hope and resiliency.  It allows me to see the amazing abilities they have. It gives me hope and hope is not a ready commodity. Through The Hagerman Foundation's generous support of the Share Art Project, "hope" can be now be felt within the walls of GVRC and the hearts of the youth inside.
    Shelley Spivack
    Buckham/GVRC Share Art Project Director