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Genesee Valley Regional Center

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Hagerman Foundation seeks to empower youth, regardless of their circumstances. The Genesee Valley Regional Center (GVRC), a short-term youth detention facility in Flint, received a grant for their Shared Arts program, which provides detained youth an avenue of self-expression.

As you can see, life is a two-way street. I have, in the past, chose to PICK the wrong side. Even though I have a horrible outcome, doesn’t mean I have to have a horrible life. Staying positive is all I have anymore. My freedom is gone for a LONG, LONG TIME but…

that doesn’t mean my positivity needs to stay away as well.


Young Women from GVRC. Let Our Voices Be Heard. 2015-2016.

Genesee Valley Regional Center (GVRC) is a licensed child caring institution organized for supporting justice and public safety by providing short-term incarceration and programming for youth court-ordered into detention pending the court’s disposition of the juvenile’s case. The goal of GVRC is to achieve its mission within a safe and caring environment.  GVRC admits male and female youth between 10 and 18 years of age. The GVRC Shared Arts program allows detained youth to feel they have a voice with art, theatre, dance, and poetry.

“Most of the youth at GVRC never have had adults in their lives who give them time or attention. Our art, theatre, dance, and poetry instructors spend time with each of the kids in our program.” Said Shelley R. Spivack, J.D., M.A., of the GVRC. “They engage them, help them develop their imaginations, give them a chance to collaborate with one another, and most importantly, they offer them a chance to express themselves in a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere. Our workshops give these kids the ability to imagine and re-create themselves as someone other than a delinquent kid sitting behind locked doors in Flint, Michigan.”[/vc_column_text]

  • Tauzzari Robinson
    Thanks to our summer program grant from The Hagerman Foundation we were able to re-open our early bird program. A staple of the BGCGF Summer Program, the early bird program was always an option to accommodate those families that need all-day access to high-quality, adult supervised programming. Many of the families we serve are unable to afford childcare during the day. If children are left home alone they are susceptible to many potential risks and dangers.  Thanks to this grant we were able to reinstitute this portion of our summer program.
    Tauzzari Robinson
    CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Flint
  • Amy McMillan
    One of the most important parts of the story of how the project was essentially revived by the Flint River Corridor Alliance and the Flint River Watershed Coalition in 2015 was when they were awarded the grant from The Hagerman Foundation to initiate the preliminary engineering and design for the project.
    Amy McMillan
    Director of Genesee County Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Lee Rossmaessler
    We firmly believe our ministry will now have a greater impact on the lives of our teenagers, reaching more youth through our urban ministry outreach, yet also have a tremendous impact on the community as a whole. As our youth transform under the grace and love of God, so does our community -- our youth lead the way to our future. To say we are grateful seems like an understatement for the magnitude of this financial gift. This gift is going to change lives
    Lee Rossmaessler
    Co-Area Director for Young Life of Genesee County
  • Jarret Haynes
    This leadership grant for the restoration of the Capitol Theatre by The Hagerman Foundation is critical to moving this important project forward, and illustrates, once again, the tremendous support and commitment the Hagerman’s have shown to our city. We are proud to be recipients of this contribution, and prouder still to be able, through this gift, to plan and provide our community with the highest quality live performing arts experiences in what will be a fantastically renovated, state-of-the-art venue.
    Jarret Haynes
    Executive Director, The Whiting
  • Moses Bingham
    Safe Places is a year-round summer and after-school program that serves youth kindergarten through 12th grades.  The concept of Safe Places is to ensure each child has access to healthy out-of-school time all year long. With the generous grant from The Hagerman Foundation we can impact more youth in our community through: Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility.  Thank you, Hagerman Foundation, for being a difference-maker.
    Moses Bingham
    Director, Safe Places
  • Sandy Tran
    Thank you so much for your scholarship and this wonderful opportunity to achieve my goals. Not only will it assist me in affording school costs, but it will assist me in realizing my goals of being a pharmacist, a valuable member of a community, and someone who can make a difference in others’ lives.
    Sandy Tran
    Pharm D Candidate (2019), Ferris State University
  • JaNel Jamerson
    As a coalition, we recognize that no single person or organization, alone, can solve our communities' most significant challenges. We have, therefore, committed to cross-sector collaboration, community-wide mobilization, and ongoing alignment as strategies to improve literacy across Genesee County. Support from The Hagerman Foundation provided much-needed additional capacity for the coalition's partners through the hire of a Community Impact Coordinator, responsible for ensuring a disciplined results-driven framework for partner collaboration. In addition to their financial support, The Hagerman Foundation's consistent commitment to and advocacy for families as their children's most important teachers is contributing to the culture of Family Literacy throughout Genesee County. We are fortunate to have The Hagerman Foundation as a partner in our collective stride toward Literacy for Life!
    JaNel Jamerson
    Director, Flint and Genesee Literacy Network
  • Scott Johnson
    Phil and Jocelyn Hagerman’s gift is a testament to their recognition of the importance of higher education and of the transformative impact that entrepreneurship can have on the city and the region.
    Scott Johnson
    Dean, School of Management, UM-Flint
  • Glenn A.Wilson
    The support from The Hagerman Foundation was timely and helpful as we continue to expand our work.  The generosity of Phil and Jocelyn, along with the enthusiasm of the staff makes it a pleasure to work with them to move Flint Forward.  Our goal is to create vibrant, healthy communities and partners like The Hagerman Foundation help us to change the lives of those we serve
    Glenn A.Wilson
    President & CEO, Communities First, Inc.
  •  Sue Frownfelter
    The number of teens Young Life is impacting in Flint’s inner city has grown consistently with more attending our weekly Club meetings as well as Campaigner bible studies - even in the summer. All teens are hungry for people to believe in them and love them unconditionally, regardless of life circumstances. They all are just teenagers - some have greater burdens. It is an honor to help them carry them in Flint, MI. Thanks to The Hagerman Foundation, we can now reach more teens who otherwise are overlooked or feared due to the impoverished surroundings.
    Sue Frownfelter
    Area Director, Young Life of Genesee County
  • Heidi McAra
    With the generous support of The Hagerman Foundation, the YWCA was able to relocate to a comfortable, beautiful new space and help ensure valuable resources will continue to be available for one of our most vulnerable populations, survivors of domestic and sexual violence.
    Heidi McAra
    CEO, YWCA Greater Flint
  • Kathleen Gazall
    In furthering our mission of beautifying alleyways and public spaces, our next step was to move forward to Brush Alley. Our “Light up Brush Alley” Project received another generous donation from The Hagerman Foundation. The alley lights will create a safer environment and an increased sense of security for visitors, businesses, residents, and students as well as strengthen the core of downtown as we move Flint forward
    Kathleen Gazall
    Director of Friends of the Alley (FOTA)
  • Chris Hamilton
    When we receive funding from organizations like The Hagerman Foundation, it ensures that we can continue to make a difference in our community, one child at a time.
    Chris Hamilton
    Executive Director, Old Newsboys of Flint, Inc
  •  Shelley Spivack
    As a person working in the judicial system, I often see only the negative and the bad. This program allows me to see the good. It allows me to see that these kids are not lost causes, that they have hope and resiliency.  It allows me to see the amazing abilities they have. It gives me hope and hope is not a ready commodity. Through The Hagerman Foundation's generous support of the Share Art Project, "hope" can be now be felt within the walls of GVRC and the hearts of the youth inside.
    Shelley Spivack
    Buckham/GVRC Share Art Project Director
  • Rhetta Hunyady
    We are grateful to the Hagerman Foundation for supporting our efforts to provide a year-round learning experience for local youth. By keeping students engaged through field trips, leadership opportunities and community engagement, YouthQuest helps prepare them for success in both the present and future.
    Rhetta Hunyady
    Vice President, Education & Training : Flint & Genesse Chamber of Commerce
  • Dr. Dallas Gatlin
    "Without the gift from The Hagerman Foundation, we would not have been able to achieve such an aggressive schedule. Our launch was accelerated by at least one calendar year with the help of this grant.”
    Dr. Dallas Gatlin
    Executive Director