The Capitol Theatre

U of M – Flint
May 31, 2017
The Pink Fund
April 26, 2017
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The Capitol Theatre

We’re dedicated to our community. We hope that by supporting initiatives that align with our mission, we inspire others, especially our youth, to strive to become their personal best.

“The Capitol Theatre was once the community’s living room so to speak, where residents gathered for a shared cultural experiences and live entertainment,” said Jarret M. Haynes, Executive Director of the Whiting. The restoration of the Capitol Theatre began in January, 2017. The restored theatre will once again gather residents and visitors to enjoy national acts and provide another platform for local arts groups to display their talents.

“One of my many memories of being a kid was in 1965 when my entire family went to see The Sound of Music at the Capitol Theater,” said Phil Hagerman, President, The Hagerman Foundation.

“Besides bringing back memories for Flint residents it is also a major revitalization project for the city, that helps to rebuild its position as a destination. Bringing people and businesses into the city is key to the development of Flint.”